Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shawnrey at the Firehouse

I took awhile to set up my easel and paint and got a good sense of the space. After working on it for awhile Debra asked if I minded if she moved over in front of me to draw. I told her no and realized her new position improved my composition. It is an 20 by 24 acrylic. Karen


  1. I really like how the painters are assembled in this painting and admire the dress and its color given energy by the expressive lines on it.

  2. Great job on Shawnrey's fac--very cute expression. And her dress has a nice turquoise edge on the left, setting off the green areas to the right/bottom. The far right figure has a nice head also.

  3. I love the symphony of greens in the whole picture. I learn a lot from just looking at the evolution of your paintings.