Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Sarah   acrylic on canvas 24 by 20
I worked on this in one session and it went well at first but then I decided to rework before the end of the session and by the end it was unresolved. I worked on it at home at it get to a better place.  Karen

Man in a Suit

Man in a Suit  acrylic on canvas 24 by 30
I did this awhile ago but never posted. Our model wore a 3 peice suit. Pretty unusual outfit as we are more use to shorts, sweat pants, and tank tops when we have a male mode.  Karen Zullo Sherr


I came to the evening session because Seeley would be modeling.  I really like Seeley's androgynous persona. Unfortunately my drawings weren't very good, but these two are the best of the bunch.  The top one is in charcoal on paper, and is a reasonably good likeness.   The bottom one, in pastel on paper treated with gouache and pastel ground, doesn't represent Seeley's proportions well, but has sort of a nice mood.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Drew  oil 16 by 20

Drew  oil 16 by 20
 Drew was a true crowd pleaser.  His stature and hair made him well liked by all.  The top painting was from the first session. I would have liked to go further with it but unfortunately, he forgot his bandana 2nd session, so I decided to just start a new painting.  I am happy with the results but would have liked to have added more playful abstract elements.   Jessica

(more to follow)

Lisa D.

Lisa D   oil  20 by 16
 While I like the figure and the coloring, I wish the stool and bench didn't turn out as generic boxes. 

Jessica Joy Jirsa

The Process of Painting

I thought I'd share a few more paintings from the morning figure group at the Firehouse. As I catalog all my work while prepping for my new website design, I was amazed to see how much I've grow since my frst session back in August 2011.

 The Drinker
-20x16- This is the first painting that I feel I fully completed without over painting.  It also was my first break in painting the background as is and was really excited about the effect of the abstract elements. You will see this more and more in future pieces.             Jessica Joy Jirsa

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sarah is sort of new to the Guild.  She's very pretty and poses well.  This portrait is in acrylics on paper.

Open Studios

You are invited to my Open Studio at the Sawtooth building, 2599 8th Street #41 from 11 to 6 pm the first two weekends in June.  If you are doing the Pro Arts Open Studio send us a digital version of your card  to post.     Karen

Thursday, May 10, 2012


 Ana sat for us in the Firehouse for 2 sessions. She was a nice model and held her pose very well. The painting was done with acrylic on a 12" x 12" Masonite. 
Philip Ng

Portrait Study, Looner

 I did two portrait studies with Looner from different angles. This is one of them. He had this dramatic hair style which was fun to draw. The portrait was done with charcoal on 70lb drawing paper.
Philip Ng

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Head Shot

It does not look like it, but we laughed a lot talking with this model. I was using 12 x 12" Lanaquarelle 140 lb. paper. I started drawing with an ordinary pen, then moved to successive washes. What I like about this little sketch is that the body has some gravity because I took the time to check proportions, used a plumb line, etc. She has a very european head so I kept double-checking the head measurements too.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Views

12 x 12" on Lanaquarelle 140 lb cold press
12 x 12" on Lanaquarelle 140 lb cold press

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Model with Book  acrylic on canvas 24 by 18
I have worked on this on and off for awhile and it has changed so that I can't remember who the model was.  I enjoy the process of painting most when there are lots of transformations. Will post this again if it changes more.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Sometimes everything clicks.  This was my first session ever with Ana, and I'm delighted to say she's great--very interesting, attractive features, and perfect modeling technique.  I made her nose a bit too long, but otherwise this is a fairly good likeness.  It needs a little more work to be truly finished.  In acrylics on paper.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Siri Pose

These were my first watercolors after a year and a half of no action in that medium. It is sometimes difficult to move to another medium so quickly. I don't even know what kind of watercolor paper I used, only that it is 12 x 12." I like the strong colors and the anatomy, but  technically speaking these were not my better ones. Still, it is good to share our work.