Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Xavier posed for our painting group in one evening. The character of the sitter, the tattoo on his arm, the black and white stripes on the T-shirt and the still life on the table made it
interesting to paint. This was done on a 18" x 24" canvas with acrylic.   Philip Ng

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Barbara with iPad

In the many months since I last drew at the Firehouse,
I have acquired an iPad with several several drawing/painting programs.  These two drawings of Barbara were done in
Procreate.  I have done very little life drawing or portraiture
with the iPad and am still not used to  it.  But it has some definite advantages over traditional media--for instance, it's lightweight and portable, it allows infinite undo/redo, and no clean-up is required afterwards.  Plus, the iPad lets me hear my favorite music with earbuds while I draw.  I hope to get better at iPad drawing with practice.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bonnie in Regal Attire

Bonnie in Regal Attire              oil on canvas  18 by 24

Bonnie posed in a standing position. She wore a strange hat, vaguely regal, which she said was to commemorate the abdication of Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands. She was assisted with her dress and hair by stylist, Jaeme.She looks more like a Polynesian Priincess. She remarked that she concentrated on thinking "good thoughts" so that she would have a peaceful expression on her face.     Iris Sabre

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Suprisingly Good Replacement Model

Xavier                                         oil on canvas    18 by 24
The Guild model was a no-show, but we did really well with a replacement this evening. Xavier who was working in the back of the studio was more than willing to fill. Having worked as a mime in Mexico City, he know how to strike an interesting pose and hold it. His face showed a lot of character for someone so young. He removed his plain black sweatshirt when he posed, revealing a striped t-shirt which was also cool to paint.  Iris Sabre