Tuesday, June 24, 2014


 Signe is a great model, with endless variety in her poses and an engaging form with plenty of volume and gesture.  I enjoyed every minute of drawing her. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Prudence! Our next model, both sessions.

I've been drawing Prudence forever, it seems, and she just gets better. She seems to show her loving, adventurous nature in all she does. But the fast drawings I've done of her seem better. Here is a gouache I like that really shows her as she is to me.
Trademark Stockings, Pru at the Firehouse, gouache on paper, 20" x 16" 2014.

Recent Favorite gouache paintings

Terry, gouache on paper 22" x 15"
Cat Dressed Up, gouache on paper, 20" x 16"
I finally got some paintings of these two that I like! Terry is always professional, with classic poses, and great physique. But what's really interesting to me is his good-natured, beat-up handsome face.
Cat is also very athletic, an acrobat. I love her sense of the humor of her situation, and mobile features. She's colored her hair extra dark, very dramatic.