Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2nd Installment
Here's Shawnrey after some more work. The blue cloth has been changed, to put it in better perspective. The sofa has been repainted a more uniform red. Everything, including Shawnrey herself, is sharper and more defined. I hope this is an improvement!

1st Installment
Our space keeps changing--like the sofa now has a striped cushion. We tried a new

"pick a number" system for staking out our painting positions; it worked pretty well. I ended up setting up over by the door, which was a first for me.

I enjoyed painting Shawnrey. Her brilliant green dress contrasted nicely with the sofa fabric, and her hair had a great texture. I was pretty much out of black paint so I pulled that old trick of mixing prussian blue and alizarine crimson to make a very dark purple, which I used for Shawnrey's hair and the black parts of her dress.


  1. I love the color in this one. The floor, background and dress play off each other so well.

  2. Rebeca: Her expression makes for a very engaging painting, and I like the details on her dress.

  3. I too really think you nailed the personality in this painting!