Thursday, February 11, 2010

David on the Red Sofa

David was quite cooperative considering that the pose made his hand go to sleep. I liked his expression and the hat he brought along. But I was entranced by the pelt on which he was sitting, which I left for last. This pelt, together with the sofa, makes for an interesting pattern on the rectangular space of the canvas. I think this painting ended up attracting me because of the primary color harmony. My palette was pretty simple too: titanium white, alizarin crimson, lemon and cadmium yellow, and ultramarine blue. Rebeca


  1. The pelt is incredible. It makes the painting very rich.

  2. Lovely light on all the various textures!

  3. Love the texture on the sheepskin. It seems like I could reach right into the painting and ruffle it with my hand. Outstanding!
    Nice job on David's gesture, too.