Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Bruce really knows how to sit still. Maybe it's because he meditates while he poses. In any case, he's great to paint.
I spent so much time on his face that some other parts of this portrait were a bit rushed. I may go back to the forearms and hands (aargh! those hands!). Also, it seems like the crotch is a bit short, as if it belongs to a smaller person than the upper body. That would be easy to fix. All in all, though, I enjoyed the session and feel happy with the painting.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joaquin at the Firehouse

I did not like the way I had done Joaquin at the first session. And the composition wasn't right. At the second session I added two new figures and worked on the surface quality adding the text. It improved but I want to experiment with a variety of mediums and additives for the acrylics. Karen


Joaquin is an excellent model and I had a lot of fun painting this. I painted over an old portrait I didn't like, so the background is sort of blotchy. At one point, I thought the portrait of Joaquin might pop more if I changed the blotchy white background to some other color...but I'm glad I didn't. The weakest part of this painting is probably the arms, which are somewhat too short for the rest of the figure. However, it isn't too terribly noticable. Overall, I'm happy with this piece.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Becca at the Firehouse

Becca was late for both sessions at the Firehouse. The best part was when she saw a spider and slammed her shoe against the wall (while in the pose) and I thought a gun had gone off. But she had a sweet, sad quality and I feel like the painting reflects that. It is 16" by 20" in acrylic on canvas.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Models Move

It was hard to pin down a pose for Becca. I settled on this one (this is where plein air experience helps) then worked on the view past the wall separating the lobby from the inner gallery. Still, some parts look successful, like the foot closest to the viewer. The small canvas helped, but 11 x 14" isn't my favorite size, something about the movements my arm has to deal with makes it uncomfortable.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Painting Solvieg

This week we are painting a young women named Becca. But I am still working on the paintings from our last model Solvieg. I photographed it after the two sessions with her and again today after working on it for hours. I think this might be the last version but maybe not. Hope you can tell which is the latest version.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today was my turn to set the pose. I improvised a settee and had Becca take a semi-reclining pose--a nice change from all the seated/chair poses we've had.

This painting came out a little cartoony. Also, the composition's a bit odd, in that the model's looking left, but there's a huge empty expanse at the right. I'm not sure whether to add something else to break up the whiteness, or just leave it alone, since it's a break from my usual tendency to fill every space.