Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Greek-American Woman

Aurora was very accomodating to a group like ours (since we have portraitists, figurative painters, etc.). She was sitting at a place where she was lit by both the outside light and an incandescent bulb, so that was interesting in itself. I had a 24 x 24" birch panel for this acrylic (because I ran out of canvas), and this one session to start and finish. Towards the end I added her cell phone and Ann's figure in the background, which I really like. Then I went home and finished the background, subduing it a bit so that our model could shine.

1 comment:

  1. Rebeca, There's a really calm, still mood to this one. Aurora looks like a queen on her throne. I like how you make the empty space to the right of the model seem like an active contributor. The perfect table, with that square corner pointing up to the billowing draperies, keeps the eye moving. The cell phone also energizes that space. The small figure of the painter in the background also works nicely--especially the abstract black lines of her easel and the light stand. Last but not least, the green shadow on the floor has a really distinctive, somewhat ominous, shape, which contrasts nicely with the orderly pink and white background of the rug. There's a lot going on in this painting, and I'm impressed that you finished it in one session.