Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aurora at the Firehouse

I did two paintings of Aurora. One of her alone and one in the series with the painters and the model. Although a few people had problems with her moving in her pose it did not bother me. She had a presence I liked. I usually don't pin down the exact shapes of the figure until very close to the end so I am not bothered much by changes in the pose. Both are acrylic on canvas.


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  2. Karen,
    I didn't get a chance to see your work on Tuesday, so it's good to see it here. I especially like the second one, with the model facing straight on. You've got a very nice, 3D figure there. The blue-green background, with the repeated square shapes, creates a lot of rhythm, and the table in perfect perspective explains exactly what's going on. The color choices throughout are delicious. Lovely piece.