Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lorraine's Portrait

I seldom do portraits in this setting because I like the entire environment, it's very lively! But I had already painted Lorraine in it the previous week, and I had also decided to use oils instead of acrylics. My camera did not register the pale green background or the many yellows on her face. I tried to correct this with photoshop but I am not very knowledgeable. She had great hair color, I think you will be able to tell how much I liked it. Rebeca


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  2. This is a wonderful portrait! You're right about the colors--the photo doesn't quite do them justice. Nevertheless, the face is modeled beautifully, the scarf and its fringe lie convincingly on the neckline...and the hair! Wow, what wonderful hair! I love how you've captured its fullness and texture, and conveyed the change of plane in the underside by the a change in the direction of the brushstrokes. I think this is one of your stronger efforts, Rebeca.

  3. Great hair!And the scarf in this portrait comes alive. The side view is a good view for this model.