Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poet Karen

At first, one sees the person who is modelling; but little by little, all of the possible sculptures that could be made come between artist and model. Alberto Giacometti

I struggled with this painting! The right hand was in a difficult, foreshortened position. The left hand was somewhat hidden, but the visible parts were no less difficult. Resolving the hands took a good half of the six hours I devoted to this 24 x 24" acrylic. The enjoyable part turned out to be Georgianna's figure in the back, and the many grays in the background. In the end, I decided the hands were not going to stump me, and I kept at it until they came out ok. I worked on the hands and face, and then worked on the background if I got too tired. That's how I managed to finish. I figured if it did not end up a wonderful painting, I would at least learn something about painting hands in this position. Rebeca


  1. This is a wonderful composition. Referencing the view of the model and the observer.

  2. Rebeca,
    You certainly did change this painting during the second session! At the close of the first session, your painting looked very different. I remember being impressed by bright, cheerful colors and a simpler treatment of the background. Now the colors are more subdued and the background is more developed. As always, you've created an interesting composition with a strongly-modeled 3D figure. Love the bandana!