Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Rather than struggle with my hopeless portrait of Ricardo, I painted over that canvas. Vicki brought the pretty blue fabric for the background, which made all the difference.

This painting still isn't finished. The table, book, and pillow need refinement, as does the interaction
of the model's left elbow with same.

Overall, though, I think this is almost as successful as the portrait of Aurora. I feel as though I'm groping toward something like my own "style" of portraiture. It involves sharp outlines, smoothly modeled skin, patterned backgrounds, rich colors, and a large scale.


  1. Rebeca says: I would agree, it is almost the same comment I was going to make when we finished the session. I would add your painting photographed really well. What I like most about your style is how you revel in these sculptural forms offered by the bodies we paint. Fantastic modeling is how I would describe it.

  2. The other interesting thing is that it looks like Karen took a very good pose that gives a lot of compositional choices. I love the hands at the face. I am sorry I missed the session.