Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Talia of Firehouse North

Firehouse North is a gallery in Berkeley, California where artists can meet to paint models. My oldest son's Christmas gift to me this past December was a couple of trips to this gallery to paint.  So on a cloudy February 7th, I packed up my easel and paints, caught the BART train and walked up Shattuck Avenue a few blocks to spend a delightful three hours painting Talia who happened to be the model that day.  There were quite a few of us in this studio and it was difficult to back away from the canvas to check all the basic elements, so I got home and found Talia was out of proportion (her head was too big for her body, etc.), but I decided that I liked it anyway...I haven't officially sent Parker a nice written thank you note... so Parker, this is my thanks for a wonderful gift.  I can hardly wait to go back!

Kathryn Wills

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