Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lisa Models

  acrylic on canvas  18 by 24
It is quite a challenge to paint in the evening session at the Firehouse. We have a model for one session only. With little thinking, I used large shapes and lines to block in the composition, then added color. In the halfway, I noticed all my focus was on the left of the canvas, the colorful cushions, the bench and the model. There was nothing on the right. I brought in a chair and the model's handbag into my painting. Although the shadow of the chair was on the wrong side but it help to break up the wall space, so I kept it.  To move the focus a little bid more to the right, the color of the cushions was subdued. I added more detail work and  light on the book. To push the focus to the right a little bid more, I made contrast of the reflected light against the shadow of the chair on the wall. A couple of brush stocks were used to break up that long line on the wall.    Philip Ng

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  1. I find it hard to tell the difference between your acrylics and oils. There is a lot of richness of color in your acrylics.