Monday, September 19, 2011

Louise and Iris, Painters of the Night

This is one of my most favorite acrylics of late, of the ones I've done at the Firehouse. I believe the size was 24 x 24". I love the palette: burnt sienna, yellow ochre, dioaxine violet, thalo blue, and alizarin crimson. Iris was painting with a wrist brace. I wanted Iris to be a silouette, but I was never able to control the urge to depict all of those rich and darker shades my eyes were still able to discern even in the darkness. With Louise, I just wanted to do justice to her million dollar hair color. The easels were a pain, but I finished at home from memory.


  1. Thanks for posting this great painting. It is so much fun to see Iris and Louise painting away.

  2. Nice unexpected colors and shapes in this.

  3. I think I like the way you used the square composition, the line of the easel (almost) parallel with the edge of the canvas.