Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comments: Harder now????

Am I the only person who is having trouble posting comments here?
Even though I'm logged in, and Blogger/EBFP knows who I am, I can't
post comments any more because every time I try to, I am asked to
select a "profile" from a list that includes nothing that pertains to me.
Anybody else have this problem?


  1. It almost always asks me for what I am using and I say google account and then it posts the coment. Not sure that is any different. Perhaps you were logged in to a different account when you tried to comment.

  2. The only thing that was different is that sometimes it asks for word verification

  3. I haven't made too many comments lately because I was hoping others would jump in and comment. But maybe they had trouble like you did.

  4. NJust now tried to post a comment (without first being loggeg in). Did Select Google account but when I clicked on Post Comment - the sign on box did not show. So I couldn't post. Just a small red mark there...

    I tried it again (clicking Paost Comment and THEN it went to the Google sign on page) and then let me preview the comment and do word verification.

  5. I changed the settings just slightly to see if it makes it easier or harder to post.

  6. I thought I posted a while back, but it disappeared. Not just me?

  7. What I said, Diana, was I liked the pieces of Loraine you posted. They seem freer, more open ended.