Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It was good to be back at the firehouse after a two-week haitus. I was feeling sort of sick of the big paintings I had been doing, and decided to change it up and draw instead. I brought a whole bunch of media and tried my darnedest to get wild and crazy. Didn't really succeed at the wild and crazy part, but at least the processes felt fresh.

The charcoal portrait on plain paper went quickly and caused the model, Lisa, to say, "It looks just like me," which is something I always love to hear.

The portrait in black and red ink on coffee-stained paper was drawn with twigs.

The seated figure is pastel and colored pencil on watercolor paper that was treated with sauce. Ditto the hand/book study.

At first, I thought the charcoal portrait on coffee stained paper was the least successful of the batch. Now I think I like it.

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  1. These are fun to look at. The use of materials is lively and adds a dimension to the subject. I also especially like the head on the coffee stained paper. I think it is the combination of the materials with the use of the space of the surface.