Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today was my turn to set the pose. I improvised a settee and had Becca take a semi-reclining pose--a nice change from all the seated/chair poses we've had.

This painting came out a little cartoony. Also, the composition's a bit odd, in that the model's looking left, but there's a huge empty expanse at the right. I'm not sure whether to add something else to break up the whiteness, or just leave it alone, since it's a break from my usual tendency to fill every space.


  1. For me the composition works because of the tension and direction of the folded leg. You almost need the empty space to contain it.

  2. There's nothing cartoony about this beautiful painting. I love the colors and lines. The huge empy expanses allow the viewer's eye to rest and go back to the body. Let's practice saying positive things about our work: "I like this painting because _______." See, it's easy once you get started!